Massage Services

At The Spa at Valdoro Mountain Lodge, our massage therapists are the most knowledgeable & caring staff in Breckenridge, CO. We are pleased to provide the following services in the Valdoro The Spa at Valdoro Mountain Lodge

Swedish Massage

This wonderfully relaxing massage technique uses light to moderate pressure and smooth sweeping strokes to increase circulation, relieve tension, restore energy and create a sense of well being.

  • 30 Minute Swedish Massage          $60
  • 60 Minute Swedish Massage          $85
  • 90 Minute Swedish Massage          $125

Hot Stone Massage

This pampering massage uses heated stones to provide a luxurious, gliding sensation of warmth that penetrates deeply into your tissues.

  • 60 Minute Hot Stone Massage         $95
  • 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage         $140

Sports Massage

This type of therapy is ideal for people who live life on the go. It uses moderate to deep pressure and will enhance  movement, flexibility and  optimize muscle functioning. It includes stretching.

  • 60 Minute Sports Massage          $85
  • 90 Minute Sports Massage          $125

Deep Tissue

In Deep Tissue massage, the massage therapist is penetrating deep into muscle tissue to relieve soreness, detoxify and restore muscles, providing relief from sore muscles, stiffness, and muscle fatigue. The the massage focuses on the deepest layer of the muscle, tendons and fascia.

  • 60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage         $85
  • 90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage         $125

Couple’s Massage

The perfect treatment for couples, parents w/children or best friends in our beautiful couple’s room.  You can pick the treatment and add-ons you like as individuals and be together.  $10 extra per person for Hot Stone or Prenatal Massage.  Add Ons are priced per person.

  • 60 Minute Couples Massage               $170
  • 90 Minute Couples Massage               $250

Prenatal Massage

The best choice to relieve the aches of carrying a new life. Available to expecting mothers who are 12 weeks and beyond.   

  • 30 Minute Prenatal Massage              $70
  • 60 Minute Prenatal Massage              $95
  • 90 Minute Prenatal Massage              $140